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Getting Justice Since 1990

Established in 1990, the Dallas personal injury lawyers at the Salazar Law Firm have helped thousands of people seeking much-needed representation in the event of a traffic accident or personal injury caused by the negligence of others. The attorneys at our firm handle cases involving 18-wheelers, motorcycles, defective products, medical malpractice, construction site accidents, and any type of accident resulting in injuries that can negatively affect a person’s life. We have a reliable and knowledgeable team of Dallas personal injury lawyers who are always ready to help you.


Our Areas of Legal Practice

Car accidents can and will happen no matter how carefully you drive. We have the knowledge and ability that it takes to make the insurance company pay their fair share for the injuries and losses you suffer.

When a doctor performs his or her duties carelessly, the results for the patient can be disastrous. We work to get patients the compensation they deserve for their medical bills, lost wages, and the pain and suffering that result from medical negligence.

When retail spaces aren’t cleaned and maintained properly, they can pose a serious risk for customers. When they don’t, our Dallas personal injury lawyers will do everything they can to make sure that it’s the business, and not the customer, that pays for the consequences.

Refinery Accidents

We all know that the hard-working and brave individuals that work in our refineries are the backbone of the industry. When things go wrong we commit ourselves to making sure the responsible parties pay.

Hard working people who are injured on the job often experience that their employer’s don’t want to take care of them the way they should. We sort through the entire legal process and make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

Every day, innocent individuals suffer due to mistakes caused by the negligence of manufacturers and retailers. We work to ensure that companies pay for the damage that they cause, and prevent others from suffering the same fate.

Our Vision

Accessible to Everyone

In addition to our strong passion for justice and excellence, we are deeply committed to offering a quality service that will set community standards and exceed clients’ expectations in a caring, convenient, and accessible manner.

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Our Mission

Justice. Fairness. Diversity

At the Law Offices of John R. Salazar, it is our mission to improve the legal affairs of those we serve with
a commitment to excellence in all we do. We believe in offering top-notch service to every one of our
clients we serve. We commit ourselves to serving with integrity and trust to help all individuals achieve
a form of justice.

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