Should I Wait to See a Doctor After my Car Accident?

should I wait to see a doctor after my car accident?

Consulting A Doctor After A Car Accident

Car accidents often happen when you least expect them. Another vehicle can collide into yours without warning, turning an average commute into a life-changing event. Although you cannot predict the date and time of an accident, you can prepare yourself before it happens. In the state of Texas, the driver responsible for the wreck (also known as the negligent party) is responsible for the medical bills of everyone they have injured. However, in order to prove negligence, you must also prove that your injuries are valid by a medical professional. It is crucial that you see a doctor immediately after a car accident.

Visit the Doctor As Soon As Possible After Your Car Accident

Some car accident injuries can be easy to detect, such as lacerations or cuts, while others can be more difficult to detect, like spinal damage. Whiplash is a common car accident injury, which is when the head and neck are forcefully thrown foreword while the upper body is held intact by the seat belt. This over-exertion of the neck strains the tiny vertebra in your spine, and these aching side effects might not be felt until days later. Getting a doctor’s professional opinion can stop you from further injuring yourself and start the healing process with proper treatment.

Gather Medical Records & Complete Treatment

The longer you delay visiting the doctor after a car accident, the harder it becomes to prove your injuries were a direct result of your wreck. The opposing insurance company will do their best to disprove the validity of your injuries to minimize your payout. When you see the doctor, tell them the cause of your injury so that they make note of it on the medical report. Make sure you keep all invoices and documentation of your visit. Follow the doctor’s instructions and be certain you complete all recommended treatment. By seeing a doctor immediately after your car wreck, you are giving your case its best chance at success.

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