Back-to-School Concerns and Safety Tips During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Back-to-school season is in full swing, but it’s never looked quite like this.

The world is a much different place before the pandemic hit America in March, when most students last set foot inside of a classroom.

Whether your child is walking the hallways at school or logging-in online, our firm’s back-to-school safety tips will help prepare them for the upcoming school year.

Depending on your school district, your child may be attending class online, in the classroom, or given the option to choose between the two.

Early this month, two school districts welcomed students through their doors for the first time since March. Just south of Fort Worth in Johnson County, Keene ISD and Godley ISD were among the first schools in the DFW to hold classes in-person. Although they offered an online learning option, “about 80% of families chose to send their children back to class.

“Our decisions set powerful precedence.” -- Katrina Rasmussen, DISD teacher

However, many parents and faculty agree that it’s far too early and unsafe to be gathering in classrooms. In the words of one DISD Teacher, “Our decisions set powerful precedence.”

Currently, each school district has the power to decide whether students will attend class in-person or online. With many districts offering both options, that power is passed down to the parents to decide what is best for their child. Although there is much variation on the official verdict of between districts, they all share a common goal: safely return to full-time school schedules …eventually.

Navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic is uncharted territory. Yet no matter how uncertain these times might be, our firm’s back-to-school safety tips will help your family transition into the classroom setting, whether virtual or in-person.

Prepare For Classroom Etiquette

  • Encourage regular mask wearing
    • Once they become more familiar with the new addition to their wardrobe, they will be less likely to fight it.
  • Frequent hand sanitation
    • Integrate hand washing into their daily routine
    • Multiple times per day
    • After touching any public surface

Teach your kids the importance of washing and sanitizing their hands throughout the day, especially before lunch.

Educational Activity: Glitter Germs! Watch the short video here.

Virtual Learning Tips

  • Time Management
    • It can seem like a balancing act trying to find a healthy equilibrium between work, home life, and now school all under the same roof. The key is to structure your day by keeping these activities separated.
    • For parents: keep your work separate from meals and fun time to interact with your kids
  • Go With The Flow
    • The individual learning needs of your children may be very different from each other. One may take more time in the mornings, while the other may need more stimulation after lunch.
    • Some students are more productive at different times of day — give them a break or a boost when needed.
  • Vision Check
    • Increased screen time will strain your child’s eyes more than usual. If a trip to the eye doctor is overdue, schedule an appointment as soon as possible.
  • Recess Break
    • Some students are more productive at different times of day — give them a break or a boost when needed.
    • Incorporate physical activity into their daily routine to increase circulation and concentration.

In-Person School Safety

This shouldn’t need to be said, but please don’t send your child to school sick!

  • Mid August, an Oklahoma high school student knowingly went to school after testing positive for COVID-19
  • Even if they are not showing symptoms, a positive test result means STAY HOME

Stock up on masks and hand sanitizer

  • Schools may or may not provide these materials for students. Make sure your child has extra sanitization supplies if needed! 

Designate a disinfection station at home — somewhere your child can take off their shoes and wipe down belongings after each school day

Review The Rules of the Road

  • Look both ways before crossing the street, especially during the high traffic hours of drop-off and pick-up time

Remind them about Stranger Danger

  • Keep away from strangers’ vehicles
  • Wait in the pick-up area after school, or go directly home from the bus stop
  • Memorize parent’s phone number & home address for emergencies 

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