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The product liability lawyers who work in the Salazar Law Firm have many years of experience representing individuals in a variety of personal injury cases, including cases involving products liability. Read more below.

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Product Liability Representation

Most of us never think about the fact that many of the items that we buy (from cars and boats to food and drink) can be harmful to us or our family if they are not made with enough care and foresight. But every day innocent individuals suffer due to mistakes caused by the negligence of manufacturers and retailers. When this happens, the product liability lawyers at the Salazar Law Firm work to ensure that companies pay for the damage that they have caused, and intervene to prevent others from suffering the same fate.

When you purchase a product, whether it’s food or something else, it should work properly, not hurt you. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. From faulty airbags to explosive cell phones or inadequate earplugs, its not unheard of for products to fail and cause you or someone you know to be harmed. If that happens, you deserve compensation for the damages you experience. More importantly, the manufacturers need to be held accountable for their negligence. The product liability lawyers at the Salazar Law Firm can help with all of this.

Here are examples of some of the ways that products can cause harm:

A product fails to perform the way it should. When a product doesn’t perform in the way you expect, that can be dangerous to you, especially when it’s a product we rely on for safety, such as an airbag in your car.

Sudden failure of a product. If a product you are using suddenly collapses, breaks, or even explodes without you expecting it, that can cause great damage to you or someone else.

Insufficient education of the consumer by the manufacturer. If you purchase a product and it doesn’t have sufficient warnings or instructions about operating, maintaining, and storing it, it can be very dangerous when you want to use the product.

Being aware of your rights and privileges is essential when you are fighting a product liability case, and the expert product liability lawyers with the Salazar Law Firm know exactly what to do in these types of situations. If you experience harm from a product that was defective due to the negligence or error of a manufacturer or seller, you deserve compensation for the damages you experience. A lawsuit against the guilty party is the typical way that you would achieve this.

Although it may be intimidating to consider fighting a legal battle against major manufacturers or sellers, the right legal team on your side, such as a product liability lawyer from the Salazar Law Firm, you can get the justice you deserve.
Do you think you have a personal injury case involving products liability? Are you searching for compensation but don’t know where to start? Don’t wait another minute to contact a reliable product liability lawyer. We will guide you in the right direction and get you the justice you deserve for no out of pocket cost. Contact the Salazar Law Firm today for a free consultation!
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